Saturday, February 15, 2014

Angel in Disguise? Or Guardian Angel?

When I look at this image, I see an angel disguised in human form. The grey overcast skies representing humanity with all of its hardship. The angel is going to visit those who are praying for help. He will visit them in unexpected ways: mingling and walking among them, siting next to them on the bus, standing in the coffee line ... he'll know what each person needs to hear and he'll say it at just the right time and in just the right way. His smile will be warm and genuine and his words full of wisdom and hope.

My sister saw this image as a poor soul who wants to take his own life. His guardian angel is standing close behind him whispering in his ear. The man is unaware of the angel. The angel's words are powerful and they echo in the man's mind telling him how much his family loves him and needs him.

Regardless of which way you see it - it's a beautiful image.
Tell me, how do you see it? Angel in disguise or guardian angel?

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